Card Packs are one way to get monsters in this game, the others include questing, trading, and login stamps. The ways to open card packs include gems, GCP claim tickets, and Friendship Points, as well as the one free card each player gets once a day.

Types of Packs and How to Get ThemEdit

  • Friendship Packs-free, Friendship Points
  • Gold Card Packs (1)- GCP claim Ticket
  • Gold Card Packs (2)- Gems
  • Silver Card Packs (only during Crew Battles)- Silver Egg Tickets
  • Hocus Pocus Packs (limited)- Gems
  • Desert Oasis Packs (limited)-Gems
  • Thorn Lord (limited)- Gems

This page is a work in progress, so stand by while it is being changed and edited. Thanks for your cooperation!

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