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Chapter 1: A New AdventureEdit

ELRIC: Welcome to the world of Monster Maestro! I'm Master Elric. I'm here to tell you a little about the world of Monster Maestro.

As you may have guessed, I'm something of a Monster Expert. In this world, there are many unique Monsters with mysterious abilities. And as you will soon discover, many of these Monsters can even combine their powers.

I think it's time you met one of these Monsters yourself. Here, try tapping this card. Behold! You've summoned your first monster and taken your first step. The Monsters you catch are sealed in cards, and you can summon them during battle.

If you go out and explore, you can find more powerful Monsters. Unite with friends as you battle and quest for treasure. You may even discover rare Monsters! Prove your worth in tournaments and claim your rightful place as a Monster Maestro!

So what do you say? The world calls out to you. How will you answer?

Draw a PackEdit

Every day you get one free draw. You can also spend friendship points on a card pack. One card costs 200 friendship points.

Evolve a MonsterEdit

You can evolve cards into higher forms. Give this a try when you get two of the same card. When you evolve Monsters, their stats increase and their skills are augmented.

You can also enhance a Monster by sacrificing other cards to raise its stats.

Level UpEdit

Leveling up replenishes your energy and gives you points that you can use to boost your stats.

1-1 A Maestro is BornEdit

1-1 A Maestro is Born
Energy: -1 
Steps: 6
XP: +1
Coins: +10
   * None

A Boss Appeared!Edit

When you finish all the quests in the area, you'll face off with the Area Boss. When you defeat a Boss, you'll get awesome items and a bunch of coins.


This Boss is whichever monster you evolved during the tutorial.

A Boss Appears!
HP: 65
   * 1000 coins
   * Energy Drink (bound)
   * Power Herb (bound)
   * Trap

Fight a Battle!Edit

Fight other players to steal their treasure. Increase your ATK stat to win more battles, and your DEF stat to protect yourself from other players.

If you collect entire treasure sets, you can get rare Monsters.

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