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The long-awaited Crew battle competition has finally arrived!

Crews can initiate wars (initiated by the Crew Leader or a Crew Sub-Leader) against each other. Wars last for 1 hour, where members battle each other to gain points for their crew. The winning crew gets awesome prizes!

Game RulesEdit

  • Only a Crew Leader or Crew Sub-Leader can declare war against another Crew.
  • When war is declared, an opponent will automatically be found.
  • Wars last for one hour.
    • If a war is in progress at the time of the event's end, the war will be cut short.
  • During a Crew Battle, press the "Crew Battle" button to challenge other Crews.
  • Win against the opponent's Leader, Sub Leader, ATK Leader, or DEF Leader to earn bonus points.
  • Other crew members cannot be challenged before the crew's DEF Leaders have been defeated.
    • If a DEF Leader is attacked by a Front Line with less than 30 ATK PWR, the DEF Leader's DEF PWR will not decrease.
  • The Crew that accumulates the most Crew Battle PTs wins!

How to ParticipateEdit

Players must be a part of a crew to participate in a crew battle. If you're not in a Crew yet, you can form your own or join a Crew to participate in this event.

About Crew PositionsEdit

  • Crew Leaders may declare war. Leaders are worth extra points if defeated.
  • Crew Sub-Leaders may declare war. Sub-Leaders are worth extra points if defeated.
  • Crew DEF-Leaders gain bonus Defense Power when defending.
    • If a DEF Leader is not defeated, the other Crew members can't be attacked by the opposing Crew.
  • Presumably, ATK Leaders will gain bonus Attack Power when attacking (this is not mentioned in the game rules. More details will likely be added later about the ATK Leader's role.)


  • The victorious crew will earn a bonus 1500 Crew Battle PTs.
  • After the Crew Battle concludes, you will earn a Silver Egg Card Pack Claim Ticket based on your exploits in battle! Collect Tokens and use them to purchase Silver Egg Card Packs.
  • (Silver Egg Card Packs contain mainly Commons however it is unclear if they also have higher rarity cards..)

Event RestrictionsEdit

During the course of the Crew Battle Event, certain actions will be restricted. This includes:

  • Leaving a Crew
  • Disbanding a Crew (Leader)
  • Banishing members from a Crew (Leader)
  • Becoming a New Leader
  • Appointing a New Crew Leader (Leader)
  • Changing Member Positions (Leader)

Prepare ahead of time for the upcoming crew battles!

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