What are the benefits of battling?Edit

A: Battling can offer many benefits - Treasure and coins can both be obtained through battling other players.

How are battle opponents generated?Edit

A: Battle opponents are randomly generated based on your level.

Why do I keep on losing?Edit

A: There are a number of reasons why people lose battles, but in the end, it comes down to whose ATK/DEF stat is highest. There are a number of things that you can do to increase the ATK and DEF of your monsters when going into battle, which include:
  • Enhancement;
  • Increasing player ATK/DEF;
  • Finding stronger cards;
  • Utilising player element;
  • Utilising monster skills.
The first three points are fairly self explanatory. However, the last two points are dependent on your team composition, and how those monsters work together. Using a team that fully matches your player element will provide a fairly large bonus to your ATK/DEF stat, as will using monsters with effects that boost the ATK/DEF of that element. Deciding which monsters to put in your team plays a very large part of winning/losing battles.
There are also another two reasons why you may be losing battles despite this - Divine Wrath and Traps. Divine Wrath is an effect that occurs when you attempt to attack players several levels below you, which has a high chance of making you lose the battle. Secondly, traps are items that can be used to cause a player to automatically lose when they try to take a specific treasure from you.

Can I choose not to battle?Edit

How do I battle friends?Edit

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