Enhancing is the process used to increase your monster's Attack and Defense. By making your card stronger, you'll gain more ATK/DEF in battles while still paying the same Power to summon the monster in the first place. Enhancement is also extremely important in maximizing the benefits of Evolution.

Why should I enhance my monster?Edit

Enhancing a monster increases its stats considerably, making it much more effective in combat. Enhancing monsters before you evolve them will give the resultant monster much higher stats, due to both the increase in the percentage of stats carried over (5% -> 10%) and the usual increased stats. Enhancing also can increase a card's skill level.

How much does enhancing cost?Edit

Enhancement costs depend on the level of the monster to be enhanced as well as the level of the monster used to enhance - The higher the level, the higher the cost. For this reason, it is recommended to use multiple monsters when enhancing during the early levels, to save costs.

The formula for determining how much it will cost to upgrade a monster is defined as:

 Cost = (Starting Monster Level x 200 x #of enhancment cards)
        + (Sum of enhancement cards' levels x 100)

Enhancing a level 2 Monster with a level 1 eggle and a level 3 meline 
(2 enhancement cards) during half-price sale.

Cost = ((2 x 200 x 2) + (1 + 3) x 100) x 0.5
     = 600 coins

This means that at level one, it will cost 300 coins to upgrade a monster - each subsequent level will cost an additional 200 coins to upgrade.

Please note that there is currently a half price sale on enhancements - the prices above take this into consideration.

Can my monster's special skill increase through enhancing?Edit

A monster's special skill can be increased, however, a card that posseses a skill must be used as an enhancer card.

Note that when evolving a monster with an enhanced skill, the skill enhancement will not be transferred to the next monster. The new monster's skill will always start at level one. For this reason, it is advisable to wait until the final evolution to attempt skill upgrades.

It is also possible to attempt to upgrade skills once the card's maximum level has been achieved. However, this is very costly and there will still be no ATK/DEF increases.

What does "Great Success" mean?Edit

Great Success is a random chance modifier that grants 50% bonus percentage points when leveling up.

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