Evolution is the process by which more advanced cards can be collected. By taking two (or three, called "Trivolution") monsters and mixing them together, a single stronger, rarer monster will be created. By using a combination of Evolution, Trivolution, and Enhancement, you'll have the ultimate team in no time!

How does Evolution work?Edit

Evolution, unlike Trivolution, uses two-card combinations from which rarer cards can be formed. The most common type of evolution is the combination of two of the same card to create one card of a higher rarity. Evolution has many exceptions to the rule, so it's recommended that you reference the Cards page to find out how a particular card evolves.

Please note that not all cards will follow the below pattern of evolution.

How does Trivolution work?Edit

Trivolution is the combination of three different cards to make a single rare card. Each Trivolution monster requires its three constituent cards in order to be created. These cards are specific to each Trivolution monster. To find out more about which cards are required for trivolution, look at the Trivolution Chart page.

In most cases, these card combinations can be found in the Trivolution section in-game. However, some Trivolution combinations require specific criteria to be met before you can create them, specified in the section below.

How do I unlock more Trivolution options?Edit

Trivolution options can be unlocked in several ways. The most common way of unlocking them is by entering new environments in the quest (i.e plains, woods etc.)

More trivolution options can also be added by event quests, which will have requirements of their own. It is recommended to visit the Events page or the Trivolution Chart page to find the specific requirements in these instances.

What bonuses do I get from evolving max level cards?Edit

With any card, you will notice three stats:

  • Attack (ATK)
  • Defense (DEF)
  • Level (LVL)

When you enhance a card, its level goes up.

The best tip for evolving a card is to enhance both cards to their maximum level before evolving it. Normaly, 5% of the ATK/DEF of the two cards that were evolved are transfered over into the new card. However, evolving maxed out cards causes 10% of the ATK/DEF to be transfered instead of the normal 5%.

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