What is Monster ATK and DEF used for?Edit

A monsters ATK and DEF is used to increase your Battling Power if that monster is within your Front Line. The Monsters ATK / DEF Power is also used when fighting Quest/Event Bosses. It is best to have high ATK and DEF power this way your have a fortified DEF and a Strong ATK.

How do I increase my monster stats?Edit

There are two ways to increase the stats of your monster. The first would be to Enhance your card and the second would be Evolving your card.

Enhancing your card will increase your monster's stats, but keep in mind that the higher your monsters level increases the more the price of enhancing will be.

Evolving your card is also a great way to increase its stats. This will make its possible max level increase (usually by 10) and it will also receive a boost in stats initially.

What does the level stat mean?Edit

A Monster Card will always be limited to how high it can be Enhanced. The "Level" stat tell us just that. It is used to show us the max amount of times we can enhance a monster.

For Example: If we have a Card with a Max Level of 40 this means we can only reach up to that level 40 when enhancing the card.

The more rare a card the higher its Max Level will be. As well as when evolving a card the max level will usually increase as well.

Why doesn't my Monster have a special skill?Edit

Monsters with Special Skills are usually limited to Rare cards and up. A common card will almost never have a Special Skill. You can not obtain a Special Skill by evolving a card. The card must already have a Special Skill from the start.

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