Friendship Card Pack

Friendship Card packs are a Free pack that you can obtain without the purchase of Gems.

The Packs are purchased using Friendship points which can be obtained in various ways

from playing once a day to sending 'Cheer' messages to friends.

Pack Cost
1 x Friendship Card Pack 200 Friendship Points
10 x Friendship Card Pack 2000 Friendship Points
1 x Free Card Pack Free* 1 x Per Day

Once every day you can also claim 1 Free Card Pack which is put on the card pack page under the Friendship card banner.

Friendship Card Packs & Free Card Packs contain common cards, uncommon cards or even some rares.

Reward Edit

Friendship Card Packs contain All known Commons / Uncommons Monsters

Notice Edit

  • The chances of special uncommon and rare cards obtained from friendship card packs are slim, however, they do occasionally popped up every now & then.
  • There has also been some speculations that Super Rare Monsters can be obtained in the Friendship Card Pack, like Asebea, however, the site has never heard of a report of someone obtaining one from it. So for precautionary measures, this notice will stay as nothing but a speculation.

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