Duration: October 5th - ???

Promotional DetailsEdit

When your friends sign up and input your username as the referrer once they complete the turorial both you and your friend will recieve 10,000 coins and 1 x Tenpi

Note: Tenpi & it's evolutions can not be traded or sent as a present


File:TenpiThumb.png.PNGTenpi TengiThumb.pngTengi TenbiThumb.pngTenbi TenyiThumb.pngTenyi
CherupiThumb.pngCherupi CherugiThumb.pngCherugi CherubiThumb.pngCherubi CheruyiThumb.pngCheruyi
CherupriThumb.pngCherupri CherangelleThumb.pngCherangelle SeraphangelleThumbSeraphangelle

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