"Heavenly Jano warns people of impending disasters. It seems uneasy on earth, and always quickly returns to the clouds. Most people only see its flame tail before its gone."
Basic info:
Type: Fire
Rarity: Ultra Rare
Max Level: 80
Skill: Divine Warning
Skill Effect: Great boost to all ATK/DEF types
PWR Needed: 9
Selling Price: 40450


Base: 2000 1960
Max: 6000 5880
PE Base: None None
PE Max: None None

Evolution GuideEdit

Evolves From: None
Evolves Into Janokam
Trivolves From: None
Trivolves Into: None

How To ObtainEdit

Chapters: None
Relics: None
Events: Japan Demonium
Packs: None
Others: None

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