From the game:

Join a Crew, make new friends, and claim victory in the Crew Battles!

Players can earn free Power Herbs by joining or forming a crew by Sept 20 at 8:00pm PST, the day before the Crew Battle Event starts. Power Herbs give you an edge in the competition during Crew Battles!

What's a Crew Battle Event?Edit

A fearsome struggle between Crews!

Join forces with fellow Crew members and grab the top spot! Join in Crew Battles and stack up those Silver Egg Tickets! Use event-specific skills to aim for the top!

Splendid rewards for the top-ranking Crew!

Crew Sign-up PrizeEdit

Power Herb (bound) x 3


  • All players who join or form a Crew by Sept 20, 8:00pm PST will receive 3 Power Herbs as a present!
  • Those players already in a Crew on Sept 20, 8:00pm PST will receive the same.
  • Those players in a Crew will need to restart the Monster Maestro application once within the Event Time Period, or else they may not receive the Bonus Presents.

How to Restart the AppEdit

  • Press the Home button twice while on the main screen.
  • Then press and hold the Monster Maestro icon until it wobbles.
  • Finally, tap the minus symbol in the corner of the icon.

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