"Using a fearfully high jump, Krickut delivers deadly aerial attacks from above it's enemies. The Rat Brigade hates the buzz of it's wings, so Maestros like to keep them as pets."
Basic info:
Type: Wind
Rarity: Rare+
Max Level: 50
Skill: Dive Bomb
Skill Effect: Large damage increase to Rat Brigade (*Raid Event only)/ Med-damage increase to all Bosses
PWR Needed: 6
Selling Price: 4200


Base: 850 830
Max: 2550 2490
PE Base: 1288 1256
PE Max: 2988 2916

Evolution GuideEdit

Evolves From: Mant
Evolves Into: None
Trivolves From: None
Trivolves Into: None

How To ObtainEdit

Chapters: None
Relics: None
Events: Twilight Ratshack
Packs: None
Others: None


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