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MLB Stars Collection1

Duration: Unknown

This event is still ongoing. Participate while you still can! See other events here.



About the GameEdit



MLB Stars Collection Picture 1 MLB Stars Collection Picture 2 MLB Stars Collection Picture 3
MLB Stars Collection Picture 4 MLB Stars Collection Picture 5


Random cards you could receive by completing tutorial..

UnknownThumb UnknownThumb UnknownThumb

Other Rewards:

Complete Tutorial and receive the following:

  • ??? card x1
  • Energy Drinks (Bound Item) x3

Level based rewards: (reach certain Levels within 'MLB Stars Collection')

  • lv 15 - 1 GCP Ticket
  • lv 30 - 2 GCP Ticket
  • lv 40 - 2 GCP Ticket

To claim your rewards navigate to your profile page and scroll down until you see the MLB Stars Collection banner - once clicked look for the button titled 'Campaign details' open that and scroll down for your rewards.


  • This Campaign is only valid for NEW accounts at the time of registration. Rewards can't be distributed until tutorial is complete. There may be a delay before rewards are available for collection.
  • MLB Stars Collection (promo) can only be download from the US/Canada/Mexico Appstore.

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