"Mysterious Notetra showers peace upon the land with melodies of her harp, but is almost never seen. Some say she's the goddess of peace, but no one knows for sure..."
Basic info:
Type: Wind
Rarity: Rare+
Max Level: 50
Skill: Infinite Peace
Skill Effect: Small boost to wind ATK/DEF
PWR Needed: 7
Selling Price: 4275


Base: Add Base ATK Add Base DEF
Max: Add Max ATK Add Max DEF
PE Base: 1484 1484
PE Max: 3444 3444

Evolution GuideEdit

Evolves From: Yoo
Evolves Into: None
Trivolves From: None
Trivolves Into: None

How To ObtainEdit

Chapters: None
Relics: None
Events: None
Packs: ???
Others: None

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