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Duration: September 11th - September 20th

This event is Ended! See other events here.

Event DetailsEdit


Promo: Win Battles and Earn Tokens! You Might even get New Monsters or SR Claim Tickets! Use Your Tokens And Take a Chance On The Slot Machines!


Battle other players to earn Tokens! Then use your tokens on 1 of the 3 wheels!

  • Super Spin (5 tokens)
  • Premium Spin (10 tokens)
  • Ultimate Spin (20 tokens)


  • Tokens are awarded based on how much atk pwr you use eg. 70 atk = 7 tokens
  • Tokens are only awarded for battles you start and only through the event page!
  • Unused tokens will be removed on 23rd September 23:59pm PST


Super Spin Prizes:Edit

GCPticketGCP Claim Ticket UpalisterThumbUpalister BouteakThumbBouteak
MurkingThumbMurking MetacoronThumbMetacoron PowerHerbBoundPower Herb (Bound) x 1
Coins2000 Coins Coins10000 Coins Coins50000 Coins

Premium Spin Prizes:Edit

GolcoronThumbGolcoron GCPticketGCP Claim Ticket MetacoronThumbMetacoron
PowerHerbBoundPower Herb (Bound) Coins4000 Coins Coins20000 Coins
Coins100000 Coins

Ultimate Spin Prizes:Edit

SRCticketSRCP Claim Ticket x 1 CrimtiniThumbCrimtini GolcoronThumbGolcoron
GCPticketGCP Claim Ticket x 1 MetacoronThumbMetacoron PowerHerbBoundPower Herb (Bound) x 1
Coins8000 Coins Coins40000 Coins Coins200000 Coins

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