The Team Wiki is a crew created by Pepperpunch in order to allow the Monster Maestro wiki members to connect in the game. This crew accepts all levels and element types and does not require regular donations to the crew treasure.

  • More activities coming soon...

Basic InfoEdit

Crew Level: 29 Membership: 29 Admins: 1
Facilities Unlocked
WindFacility FireFacility Water Facility next!
Crew Leader Sub-Leaders ATK/DEF Leaders
Ultimate Maestro
  • undeclared


  • undeclared
ATK Leaders
  • undeclared

DEF Leaders

  • undeclared
  • undeclared
pepperpunch, SocksFTW, pissekotte, thundermanz, twizle, suctrya, DashDearing, marvelppl, napajiri, ckc0581, brettpaul, rustedheart, Lailah, hadook, NilesH, trist235, Mitzeh, bobybobdo, AbelJR, Master_Bait, Srgmrrrest, random365, Tomcat21, seb191, MahanaTama, daronfire, ericbreezy, Jacky1126y, Hockeystar

How the Crew is RunEdit


  • One Ultimate Maestro (in-game listing as sub-admin), ATK-Admin, and DEF-Admin is determined via the monthly Ultimate Maestro tournament.
  • One "Contribution-Admin" (listed in-game as another Sub-Admin) is selected on the first of the month, based on contributions to the crew's treasure.
    • If the top contributer is both the top contributer and an Ultimate Maestro winner, they will be granted the Ultimate Maestro position and the next top contributer will be made the contribution-admin.
  • The next unlocked element temple is based on the majority player elements of the top five contributers.
    • If your element has already been unlocked, it will be based on top five contributers of remaining elements.
  • Donations are not required, but greatly appreciated so that more people can join the crew.
  • There are no level or element requirements.

How to JoinEdit

If you would like to join Team Wiki but don't know how, cheer pepperpunch in-game and she'll send you an invite. Make sure that you are not altready in a crew, since she will not be able to invite you if you are.

Team Wiki AnnouncementsEdit


Ultimate Maestro Details PostedEdit

September 15th, 2012

Tourney Sign-Ups Officially Closed!Edit

September 14th, 2012

Please double check that your name has been listed on the official roster. If I missed you, let me know!

Members still welcomeEdit

Our crew is at max capacity right now, but we're still accepting members. We'll add you to the crew first-come-first-serve as positions open up. If you're a pending member, you will still be allowed to participate in the upcomming tournament.

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