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Chapter 10: Ascent to the Crimson Moon VEdit

This chapter covers Floors 46 to 50

Chapter IntroductionEdit

The wind blowing down the stairs from the floor above is gradually letting up. A whole different environment may unfold on the next floor.

Just how far up does this Tower go? Some members of the party feel overwhelmed for a moment, but quickly regain their senses and renew their resolve to reach for the top.

Chapter StatsEdit

Energy: -5

XP: +5

Coins: +100 - 120


Lenoot, Mikipi, Papple, Rockup, Sizzard


900 Coins, Tower Relic b-VI, Tower Relic c-VI


  • Reward: Lunesca, 1 Trap, 1 Power Herb, Coins

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