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Chapter 21: Ascent to the Crimson Moon XIEdit

This chapter covers Floors 101 to 105

Chapter IntroductionEdit

The party breathes a sigh of relief after rescuing Solesca. Their relief fades back to concern, however, when they remember that their mission is not yet complete.

As you ascend the Tower, you should be able to uncover most of it's mysteries and find Amulap. But it seems like the space inside the Tower is shifting! How are you supposed to get to the 101st floor at this rate...?

Chapter StatsEdit

Energy: -1

XP: +1

Coins: +20 - 24


Upa, Mucopter, Snackbeak, Kits, Murrs, Racky, Daph,


300 Coins, Relic g-V, Relic i-V, Relic h-VI,


  • Reward: 10000 coins, 1 Energy Drink, 1 Trap

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