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Chapter 27: Ascent to the Crimson Moon XIVEdit

This chapter covers Floors 131 to 135

Chapter IntroductionEdit

Elric slaps you on the back and nods his head. After bowing deeply to Tumblast he sets off in the direction indicated by the Monster.

The higher the floor, the stronger the Monsters. Even so, your footsteps feel strangely light, perhaps thanks to the confidence gained from Tumblast's recognition and help.

Chapter StatsEdit

Energy: -2

XP: +2

Coins: +40 - 48


Lenoot, Dawuck, Polly, Shelly,


600 coins, Relic g-I, Relic h-I, Relic h-II,


  • Reward: 13000 coins, 1 Energy drink, 1 trap

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