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Chapter 29: Ascent to the Crimson Moon XVEdit

This chapter covers Floors 141 to 145

Chapter IntroductionEdit

Elric's words of praise bring a smile to your face. Full of gratitude for the twist of fate that allowed you to meet Elric, you feel just a hint of a tear forming in your eye.

You quickly snap out of it, wipe your eyes and face the next flight of stairs. You have your sights set on the next level.

Chapter StatsEdit

Energy: -3

XP: +3

Coins: +60 - 72


Upa, Murrs, Papple, Lenoot, Snackbeak, Polly, Rockup,


Relic i-V, Relic i-VI, Relic h-V, 900 Coins


  • Reward: 14000 coins, 1 Energy Drink, 1 Trap

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