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Chapter 30: Ascent to the Crimson Moon XVEdit

This chapter covers Floors 146 to 150

Chapter IntroductionEdit

With each rumble, the walls shake and dust falls from the cracks in the ceiling. It sounds like some kind of large Monster is being kept above.

Is this the work of the Vampire Dragon? The party pauses for a moment, nods to each other, and continues carefully upstairs.

Chapter StatsEdit

Energy: -3

XP: +3

Coins: +60 - 72


Nian, Rockup, Upa, Lenoot, Crawel, Snackbeak


Relic g-VI, Relic h-VI, Relic i-VI, Relic h-V, 900 Coins


  • Reward: Bodegatos, 16000 Coins, 1 Power Herb, 1 Trap

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