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Chapter 32: Ascent to the Crimson Moon XVIEdit

This chapter covers Floors 156 to 160

Chapter IntroductionEdit

Stillness has returned to this level of the Tower. It almost looks like we're in some kind of underground historical ruins.

While listening to the sound of the water dripping onto the floor, the party quietly makes it's way up to the next level of the Tower.

Chapter StatsEdit

Energy: -4

XP: +4

Coins: +80 - 96


Stilla, Mikipi, Enguin, Snackbeak, Cappie, Crawel, Perla,


1200 coins, Relic i-V, Relic l-V, Relic j-VI,


  • Reward: 15000 Coins, 1 Power Herb, 1 Trap

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