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Chapter 34: Ascent to the Crimson Moon XVIIEdit

This chapter covers Floors 166 to 170

Chapter IntroductionEdit

While many of my suppositions are proving true, there is still a lot I am unsure about. Countless wrinkles appear on Elric's forehead.

Elric is lost in thought as usual. You push him along and try to hurry the party forward.

Chapter StatsEdit

Energy: -5

XP: +5

Coins: +100 - 120


Ti, Cappie, Snackbeak, Crawel, Easel, Upa,


1200 Coins, Relic j-VI, Relic k-VI, Relic j-V, Relic K-I


  • Reward: 16000 Coins, 1 Power Herb, 1 Trap

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