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Chapter 36: Ascent to the Crimson Moon XVIIIEdit

This chapter covers Floors 176 to 180

Chapter IntroductionEdit

You listen to Elric's learned reasoning about the origins of the Tower. He looks pretty serious.

The sun coming in at an angle from the window bathes the floor in a red light. Night will soon come to the world outside the Tower.

Chapter StatsEdit

Energy: -7

XP: +7

Coins: +140 - 168


Oggles, Teddo, Ti, Cappie, Qui, Enguin, Claf, Groop, [Snackbeak]],


1200 Coins, Relic k-I, Relic j-II, Relic l-II,


  • Reward: 17000 coins, 1 power herb, 1 trap

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