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Chapter 8: Ascent to the Crimson Moon IVEdit

This chapter covers Floors 36 to 40

Chapter IntroductionEdit

At times, Elric pauses ad falls deep into thought. He must be trying to unlock the secrets of the Tower, one step at a time.

The party continues onward. Some cover their faces with their hands, looking disturbed by all the dust blowing in from outside.

Chapter StatsEdit

Energy: -4

XP: +4

Coins: +80 - 96


Mikipi, Skullia, Shelly, Papple, Polly, Gopish, Perla


900 Coins, Tower Relic a-V, Tower Relic a-VI, Tower Relic b-V, Tower Relic c-V, Tower Relic c-VI


  • Reward: 4500 Coins, 1 Power Herb, 1 Trap

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