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Chapter 9: Ascent to the Crimson Moon VEdit

This chapter covers Floors 41 to 45

Chapter IntroductionEdit

Impressed by the Tower's different environments, Elric nods deeply several times. The party gets the impression that he is getting closer to unlocking the Tower's secrets.

No one knows how far up the Tower reaches. However, Elric leads the party onwards with a bounce in his step, showing not even a trace of concern.

Chapter StatsEdit

Energy: -4

XP: +4

Coins: +80 - 96


Crawel, Gopish, Mikipi, Nian, Perla, Papple, Polly, Rockup, Sizzard


900 Coins, Tower Relic a-V, Tower Relic b-V, Tower Relic b-VI, Tower Relic c-VI


  • Reward: 5000 Coins, 1 Energy Drink, 1 Trap

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