Trading is now officially open! MM players, the Trading Area is dedicated for those who want to trade! Ready those Monster Cards, Items or Coins for trading!


  • Spamming is NEVER tolerated in this site. Keep your posts clean, honest, and real. Any users whose posts are proven as scams or lies will result to banning without prior notice.
  • No Vandals! Please keep posts straight to the point: State your ID, your Wanted Items, and your Offers.
  • Do not over post. Maximize your trade offers to one post per page. Give other players a chance.
  • Trade requests are only acceptable on the Trading Area. Trade offers made on any other pages are considered spam and will be removed without prior notice.
  • The site does not tolerate trades which involve real money as an exchange. Please keep trading fun while not involving real money in them.
  • IMPORTANT: ID's are only acceptable either on the Trading Area or over the Friends Page. ID's that are not posted on either pages will be removed without prior notice.


  • When trading, it is best to keep the format like this:
    • First: state your ID
    • Second: state what Items do you want
    • Third: state what Items are you willing to offer
    • Fourth: wait for users to comment whether they want a deal with your offer or not
    • Fifth: can't wait? Read other posts from other players and see if they meet your Wanted List; and you can go from there.


  • SR - Super Rare, SR+ - Super Rare +
  • UR - Ultra Rare, UR+ - Ultra Rare +
  • R - Rare, R+ - Rare +
  • ED - Energy Drink
  • PH - Power Herb
    • Other guidelines will be added soon.

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