"Urshiver can't get warm no matter how tightly it wraps itself in it's giant arms. It's usually mild-mannered, but watch out for those fists. They're faster than the eye can see!"
Basic info:
Type: Water
Rarity: Rare+
Max Level: 50
Skill: Frozen Knuckles
Skill Effect: Med-boost to water ATK
PWR Needed: 6
Selling Price: 4200


Base: 980 700
Max: 2940 2100
PE Base: 1484 1060
PE Max: 3444 2460

Evolution GuideEdit

Evolves From: Dak
Evolves Into: None
Trivolves From: None
Trivolves Into: Arclaw

How To ObtainEdit

Chapters: None
Relics: None
Events: None
Packs: None
Others: None

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