Howdy Everyone! I am now commencing an action about cleaning up and tidy-ing up our MM site! The plan has been discussed HERE. Please do check over the plan so we can understand more about the developments planned for the site.

Let us get down to business! For our first project, we are going to have a CATEGORY CLEAN UP session to do!

Category Clean Up

For this project to work, I NEED EVERYONE'S UNDIVIDED HELP. Every users can help the site with this project. Our main goal is to remove categories that are put on Monster Pages that are NOT really necessarily be put in as categories. Take a look at this:


Unnecessary Categories & Why

*LVL 50 -- LVL 50 Category is not needed, since it will be stated on the "rarity categry page" that a specific monster's max level is this and that. We don't need that category.

  • ATK 501-600/DEF 501-600 -- All this ATK/DEF ranges will not be needed in the category, since the ranges actually vary, now that I am aware with the "perfect max" vocabularies too. These cat4egories are not needed.
  • PWR 5 -- PWR5 is not needed in the categories since it doesnt really tell much for player sin the game; and besides, it is added on the "stats info" for monsters already.
  • Skill -- Skill Category is not needed, since every monsters have different skills. We cant accomodate a category page for explaining things about skills, but since it is already on every monster pages' "stats info", we dont really need it.

Clean Category


Necessary Categories & Why

  • Cards --Cards category is needed since it will be a way to monitor how many monsters approximately do we have. Even with a big category like this, it will still serve a purpose for the site.
  • Wind -- TYPES should be added, since it is the way to classify each monsters, by element type. And alot of players might need information of each elements of each monsters.
  • Rare -- RARITIES should be added, since it will be where we can explain how the rarity of monsters work.
  • Evolution -- Types of eveolution (EVOLUTION OR TRIVOLUTION) can be put as a category since we need to elaborate more on these evolution types.

Clean Up Time!

Okay everyone! This is our first major project as a whole today. Please help however you can. Remove those unnecessary categories on Monster pages and keep those necessary ones! We can help clean up everything in the site once this gets going.

We can keep track by commenting the monster pages that we cleaned in the comments section. Goodluck and thanks in advance! ~

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